Church Health Assessment Survey

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This survey is called “The Basic Level of Church Health.”

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The purpose is to gain insight about some key areas of church health at this time in the season of transition. You may also add brief additional comments in the comments section for each question. The information gathered will help us to identify areas of strength and areas that need further attention during this time of transition. The results of this assessment will be presented to the congregation at a meeting on November 12.

Please note that you must complete this survey in one sitting.
The length of time it takes will depend on how many additional comments you want to add at each point: 5 minutes for the basics, 30 minutes for those who have lots to say! (And we want to hear it.) You can however take a peak at the survey to see what will be required, enter nothing, and them come back when you know you have time.

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By my count there are 62 one-another/each other statements in the New Testatment. Sixteen of the simply say “love one another.” The other 40+ explain what that actually means and looks like.  Here is a pdf of those passages, in order of their appearance:

The One Anothers

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Healing Study and Inventory

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Some Key Verses About Healing

Exodus 15.22-26
2 Kings 20.1-7
Psalm 30.1-3
Psalm 103.1-5
Proverbs 3.7-8
Isaiah 53.4-6
Matthew 4.23-24
Matthew 8.1-3
Matthew 8.14-17
Matthew 9.27-35
Matthew 10.1
Matthew 14.13-14
Matthew 15.29-31
Matthew 20.29-33
Acts 3.1-10; 16; 5.12-16; 8.4-8; 14.8-10; 28.7-9
Hebrews 13.8

Healing Inventory

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A transitional update meeting was held the evening of August 24 at The Hub. Approximately 40 people were in attendance.

The transitional pastor gave an update and shared some decisions the board of elders has made as well as plans for the fall. Opportunities for questions were given at various points with many good questions asked.

The meeting concluded with a time of prayer in small clusters of people.

See the slides from the meeting here.

View the Best Practices adopted by the elders here.

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Board of Elders Best Practices

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The Board of Elders at Timbers Community Church have adopted a Best Practices summary that describes how they will seek to carry out their roles.

View the Best Practices Here: Board Best Practices

They have also reviewed a statement on eldership, which explains the role of elders from both a biblical and organizational standpoint.
You can view the statement here: Eldership 

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